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VSP members get more than routine care with their vision plan. In fact, since the start of the pandemic, more than 673,000 VSP members avoided crowded emergency rooms and urgent care centers during the pandemic by taking advantage of the urgent
and medical eye care that’s part of their VSP coverage.

Beyond Routine Eye Care

Your employees get so much more than a vision exam—their VSP network doctor can diagnose and treat conditions including conjunctivitis, dry eye disease, eye trauma, sudden changes in vision, and more.

The result: peace of mind for your employees. If their health insurance doesn’t cover their medical and urgent eye care, their vision benefit will for only the cost of a copay*.


Essential Care During COVID

VSP network provider saves patient with diabetes
from possibly going blind.

Essential Care During COVID

We’re Here to Help.

Offer your employees another level of coverage for eye care.

* A $20 copay may apply. These services are not available for discount plan members. Other exceptions may apply. Nothing contained herein alters any existing coverage. Urgent and medical eye care services billed to VSP are supplemental to health insurance. Your health insurance carrier should be billed as the primary payer when other coverage exists, and the VSP network provider participates on your health plan’s network.