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Enrollment Resources

Article Pre Enrollment

Article Pre-Enrollment

pdf 119KB

Email Template Pre Enrollment

Email Template Pre-Enrollment


Enroll in VSP

Flier Pre-Enrollment

pdf 2MB

Poster Pre Enrollment

Poster Pre-Enrollment

pdf 3.88MB

Look Who Loves VSP

Look Who Loves VSP

video 3:21 MIN

Reasons to Enroll

Reasons To Enroll

video 2:43 MIN

Real Cost of Vision Care

Real Cost Of Vision Care

video 4:34 MIN

Who Will Save More

Who Will Save More

video 1:45 MIN


Welcome Kit Resources

How To Register

How to register on


pdf 421KB

Member Welcome Letter

Member Welcome Letter


pdf 57.3KB

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Flier Post-Enrollment


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Wellness Information Resources

GetFit Overview

GetFit Overview

pdf 282KB

GetFit Toolkit (Zip File)

GetFit Toolkit (Zip File)

pdf 4.62MB

Diabetes and your eyes

Article Diabetes And Your Eyes

pdf 122KB

Eye Exam 101

Article Eye Exam 101

pdf 132KB

Life Stages

Article Life Stages

pdf 172KB

Retinal Imaging

Article Retinal Imaging

pdf 143KB

Women and Eye Risks

Article Women And Eye Health

pdf 602KB

What Do Your Eyes Say

What Do Your Eyes Say About You

pdf 163KB


Promotions Resources

Employee Offers

Exclusive Member Extras Flier

pdf 367KB

Extra 20 Off

Extra $20 Flier With Coupon

pdf 1.71MB

Exclusive Savings TruHearing

TruHearing Hearing Aid Discount Flier

pdf 515KB

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