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Healthy Employees = Happy Companies

A visit to the eye doctor is important for everyone, even if they don’t need glasses. That's because a comprehensive eye exam can reveal early signs of serious health conditions, like diabetes.

VSP partnered with Oprah Daily and four VSP network eye doctors to talk about the importance of an annual eye exam. Signs of serious health conditions like diabetes can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam—in fact, doctors of optometry can detect more than 270 serious health conditions1. As Dr. Danielle Richardson said, “what’s happening in the eye, is happening in the rest of the body.”


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The Diabetes Epidemic
An estimated 88 million adults are living with prediabetes and yet 84% don’t know they have it. 2

First to Detect
VSP network doctors are the first to report early signs of diabetes 34% of the time - before other healthcare providers.3

Lower Healthcare Costs
A VSP® WellVision® Exam can lead to 27% fewer ER visits for diabetes-related issues.3


Why a Premier Program practice is the place to be for an annual VSP WellVision Exam

All members can see a Premier Program provider, as no extra cost. VSP network doctors who participate in the Premier Program provide the personalized attention you want and the ease you need.


Get bonus offers that you just won’t find anywhere else, plus you’ll get extra savings and rebate offers throughout the year.


We get it, things happen. A Premier Program location will replace any damaged or broken featured frame, free of charge!


VSP members are more satisfied and more likely to recommend their Premier Program eye doctor to family and friends. Find your eye doctor today!


Already offering VSP?
Let your employees know about the importance of eye exams


New to VSP?
Protect your employees and your bottom line by offering a VSP WellVision Exam through a vision benefit plan.


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